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Assassinations have grabbed global attention and changed history for centuries. The movie industry made billions from films inspired by some factual movies and others totally fictional. Movie goers line up to see what directors and writers come up with next and the assassins gets more violent and cold blooded with each new release.

This site focusses on listing the best and makes it easy to catch up with the greatest assassination movies with a large selection of the Must See movies. Top lists according to ratings, rewards received, actors and directors gives valuable information to assist viewers with the best possible flick choices. Aiming to categorise movies the list differentiates the selection into conspiracy based, presidential assassinations, mobster inspired movies, comedy and terrorist assassinations.

The unfortunate assassination of President John F Kennedy triggered a huge interest in the cinematic world and after extensive research we bring you the most popular from the wide selection of movies available. The range includes movies based on real footage from home cameras to the fictional inspired movies more based on speculation and conspiracy theories. The JFK incident also led to movies that takes different perspectives such as, the how it influences history, some focus on the trauma the family of the faced and others hit on the events at the hospital.

The Mafia bosses, their expensive life styles, no mercy policies and cold blooded hearts coupled with execution style violence made it possible for directors to produce massive movies and follow ups. The Godfather series is featured amongst the most seen assassination films. The movie keeps Al Pacino in the leading role in all three films as Don Michael Corleone.

Most of the top earning actors have featured in assassination box office hits and got recognized for their outstanding performances. The extensive list of actors includes Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Matt Damon, John Travolta, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Samuel L Jackson and many more.

Director classification brings to light that Quentin Tarantino is in the lead of producing mega hit movies with extreme violence and interesting storylines. His ability has been rewarded and his controversy awarded. All four his most popular assassination movies features on the top flick lists as well as the top earning block busters. His choice of actors is impeccable and his directorial style unmatched.

Oliver Stone directed the movie believed to have had the most influence on the John F Kennedy assassination and triggered legislative impact. Critics places the movie JFK as the finest conspiracy assassination movie ever released. Kevin Costner is the leading actor taking on the role of Jim Garrison and Clay Shaw is played by popular actor Tommy Lee Jones. Oliver Stone also directed World Trade Centre, featuring Nicolas Cage and his portrayal of the terror events won 4 Academy rewards.

James Cameron was the director that received the most prestigious rewards for the first unbelievably popular Terminator movies featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The first two was hugely successful and lead to a total of 5 movies with the latest once scheduled to release in July 2015.

Movies based on assassins have strongly featured at the Oscar Awards and both actors, screenplay writers and directors have been nominated and awarded. The highest amount of awards to movies in this category have been swept up by the Godfather Trilogy with a strong presence from the JFK cast and director Oliver Stone.

The Bourne Trilogy makes a great addition to assassination movies and gets awarded for its action packed screenplay, interesting storyline and all 3 movies is box office hits. The movies features Matt Damon in a very believable Jason Bourne role, unfortunately he does not agree to take the role in the fourth movie called The Bourne Legacy.

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