Adam Sandler Losing His Stard Power

Adam Sandler, once one of the most famed comedians worldwide seems to be losing his stardom after a series of blockbuster office flops. Mr. Sandler’s latest film is Pixels & it’s obvious that this film was meant to bring him back on top. Unfortunately the exact opposite happened as on its opening weekend it only earned $24 Million, which is a poor showing considering the movie cost in excess of $80 million to produce.

Adam Sandler

The Cobbler, a film few has heard of from Sandler only opened at $24,000 years ago before he became a blockbuster success. Unfortunately in recent years films such as “That’s My Boy” and “Jack and Jill” have earned record lows for the actor but Pixels set a new low unlike any he has had in decades. There are a number of reasons why Adam Sandler is no longer the kingpin of funny. It’s mainly due to the fact that every role he plays in is essentially the same in terms of his comedy. His material dates back to his time on Saturday Night Live and as his audience continues to age he does not. This proves to be an issue.

Movie reviews around the globe believe that it’s time for Adam Sandler to step down from comedy and focus on dramatic acting. The film “Reign over Me” which stars Adam, Don Cheadle and Jada Pinkett Smith is truly a heart wrenching film that puts viewers on the edge of their seats. As his audience grows Sandler doing more films such as this one could allow for his acting career to remain alive for decades to come.

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