Fantastic Four Fails!

The Fantastic Four is the first superhero team to ever exist in the Marvel Universe, unfortunately the reboot for the movie franchise of this comic book has unfortunately flopped. This film has been a box office disaster that is costing fox more than $60 Million. This is due to the fact that still this film has only earned $28.7 Million.

Fantastic Four

This is an unfortunate event for fans of the Marvel Universe, the reason for this is because the first two films that were made years ago. Fans of the comic book were awaiting for a dark, gritty, immersive world that could be connected alongside so many of the other fox franchises such as X-Men and Deadpool. None the less this doesn’t mean that Fox is ready to give up, if the past is any indication of their efforts then it should noted that a second film in this franchise will be released. The direction of this second film has already been stated to go in another way so that they can bring in core viewers as well as the average audience.

It also doesn’t help that this film is competing in a world where one or more comic book movies are released with a monthly basis. It seems that the public is already growing tired of the mass amount of comic book themed movies are being released into theatres. None the less they’ll still be coming as the various comic book franchises are planned until 2020. DVD – BluRay sales could say the Fantastic Four reboot though.

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