Vin Diesel Halts Furious 8 Production

Vin Diesel, one of the biggest action Hollywood stars right now is apparently halting the Furious 8 Production. This is apparently because of potential directorial issues relating to Wan & Diesel, though it might not be as you think.

Vin Diesel

Furious 7 now is shown as one of the largest grossing films in history, the 5th standing factually. Unfortunately directing this film put major restraints on Wans health due to the mass amount of traveling, editing, CGI and more revolved around making a film as large as this one. When Paul Walker passed on it only added to the stress of his job. Apparently Universal Studio’s offered him a ridiculous life-altering amount of money to direct one more installment of the film. Unfortunately for Universal it seems that Mr. Wan isn’t willing to take the money if it means his health getting worse & potentially dying.

This has resulted in Vin Diesel wanting to take on the helm of the next installment, these being the wishes of Paul Walker in the first place. Unfortunately it seems that Universal continually wants Wan for one more installment. This has created a series of rumors stating that Mr. Diesel might pull out of the eighth installment of this franchise. Doing so would be a crusher that would make this films profit drop by a drastic amount. It seems that Universal Studio’s is now stuck in a rock & a hard place with Vin Diesel being their only way out without causing some major issues for themselves.

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