Gambit Finds It’s Movie Director

Gambit is an upcoming comic book film adaptation being released by Fox Studios. Apparently this film has finally found its director after a number of potential names backing out of the project. Edge of Tomorrow director is in final talks to take helm over this project. This could prove to be the proper choice as the filming style & nature of Edge of Tomorrow allowed it to become one of the most popular films of 2014.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of the most viable sources for film news has openly revealed that Doug Liman, the director behind Edge of Tomorrow has already had several meetings with Fox Studios. It was early on in October when we heard that Doug Liman would a potential choice to take on this film but Rupert Wyatt as well as a number of others were also slated to take on this film. Luckily though neither Wyatt, Shane Black, Jack Cornish nor F. Gary were chosen to take on this film and instead it seems that Mr. Liman will.

Gambit is going to star Channing Tatum, he will be reprising his role as the character from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, this film could be the first super hero which sees an X-Men character reach its own level of popularity other than Wolverine. Every other addition in this franchise consisted of a group of characters. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Channing Tatum’s Gambit and Ryan Reynolds Deadpool are the only three characters to get solo films. Unfortunately neither Gambit nor Deadpool have yet to be released, their level of popularity it still in the air.

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