Standalone Star Wars Films Tackling Multiple Genres

In 2012, Disney purchased LucasFilm and since that point, they’ve been working towards creating new entry films into the Star Wars Universe. The first to do so is “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which hall be a part of the new trilogy. The second installment in the series is going to be called “Rogue One” wand is only a mere year away from release. Due to the incredible revenue generated from the first installment, it is a safe bet the franchise will prove to be a profitable venture for Diney.

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Rogue One takes place as a prequel to “A New Hope” which was the original Star Wars film. There is also a 2018 Standalone film that takes place around a young Han Solo. Though much about these precursor films are secret right now. Rogue One will act as more of a rough, gritty, war film while the young Han Solo film will act as a suave, explorer or adventurer styled films. It’ll be reminiscent of a space Indiana Jones.

Though both of these standalone films are going to be prequels to previous entry in the series. Disney’s Kathleen Kennedy has stated many of times that this won’t be the case forever, that future additions after the Han Solo films will be new & entirely unique on their own.

This shall only allow for new viewers to be drawn into the Star Wars Universe which in return means more money for Disney. Disney currently owns rights to Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. Their also looking to purchase out Hasbro. It seems that this company which originated from a black and white talking mouse is looking to become the largest developer of movies in history.

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