Obama’s Origin Film Premiering

President Barack Obama has now entered his last year in the white house, this might be a bitter sweet feeling for the aging president as over the years he’s aged two decades and experienced harsh realities, yet it’s a job he’s loved & surely will miss. One film, which is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival aims to tell the story of Barack Obama’s and Michelle Obama’s first date in Southside Chicago.

President Barack Obama

Their date only transpired due to Barack Obama asking persistently for Michelle Robinson to join him on an afternoon for a walk. Eventually this occurred and over the years to come, their relationship would become one that many knew of. It’s suspected that filmmakers for generations shall document about this world’s most famous president in decades.

Obama isn’t expected to go to the Toronto Sundance Film Festival, the reasoning being is that no President has ever done so and in his last year he’s working double the time he once did in order to leave the country in a far better way than he left it. This’ll take a lot of doing and with new players in the game such as Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton & Jeb Bush, it seems that all of his efforts could be put to shame in a manner of months if one of these three candidates are elected.

This film though could become one of the big sellers of 2016, most films that receive the highest awards at the Sundance Film Festival go on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. They also become entitled to a directing career.

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