Al Pacino

Undoubtedly one of the most respected acting legends in the history of Hollywood. Born in East Harlem New York on 25 April 1940. Al Pacino received the AFI Life Achievement Award in 2007, during which many of Hollywood’s talent were present to express their respect, including Robbin Williams, Sean Connery and Andy Garcia. With his extremely versatility this actor have been featured in a large selection of films, including the best assassination movies.

Al Pacino

His long list of awards includes Academy Award for Best Actor for Scent of a Women, prior to the win he was also 7 times nominated for Oscar’s. Al Pachino plays a great assassination and here is some of his greatest work.

Donnie Brasco

A film made in 1997, features Al Pachino in the role of a mob hit man called Benjamin Lefty Ruggiero who becomes friends with the FBI agent who goes undercover as Donnie Brasco. The friendship draws the undercover agent much deeper into the Mafioso as planned and he faces difficult decisions. The film was directed by Mike Newell, pairing up Pachino and Depp in perfect screen play in this movie based on a true story.


features Al Pachino in the lead role portraying Tony Montana. Once Montana gets a green card in exchange for the assassination of a Cuban government official, he flourishes in the Miami drug trade. He becomes the biggest drug lord in the states by viciously murdering anyone who tries to get in his way. He ends up controlling almost all the cocaine coming into Miami. His eventual downfall is fuelled by constant pressure from the police, Colombian wars from drug cartels and his own drug fuelled paranoia. The movie was released in December 1983 from director Brian De Palma. Screenplay written by Oliver Stone.

Stand Up Guys

In the movie called Stand Up Guys, places Pacino in the role of Val who serves 28 years in prison for the killing of the son of a crime boss, once on parole he reunites with his former gangster partners for a night out on the town. One of the men who celebrates with is ordered to kill Val and he revisits with them old haunts while they reflect on their glory days and tries to make up for lost time. Stand Up Guys was released in December 2012, directed by Fisher Stevens.

His is probably best known as Michael Corleone in the Godfather Trilogy. As Don Michael Corleone, Al Pachino is the head of the family. Initially he wants nothing to do with the family business, however when his father is nearly assassinated in 1945, Michael volunteers to murder the men responsible. When his brother gets killed he reluctantly becomes involved and takes over is brothers position as underboss. When Vito goes into semi-retirement, Michael becomes operating head of the family. In 1955 Vito dies and Michael officially becomes the Don. He becomes the most powerful crime boss in the nation and buys a construction company in an effort to lead a normal life. Looking at the Godfather trilogy, Michael is the only character in every film and every video game and book. Michael Corleone is the main character in the film series and rated as the eight supreme movie character of all times and recognized as the 11th most brilliantly portrayed villain in film history.

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