Bourne Trilogy

The Bourne movies are probably how many people first learn about the existence of Jason Bourne. Matt Damon becomes Jason Bourne in a very convincing way with outstanding performances from the actor. The movies Bourne Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum are action packed and offer some of the most energized espionage scenes in a spy thriller movie. The forth release called The Bourne Legacy does not feature Matt Damon as Bourne and critics indicates that is why the movie never got the same attention as the first three.

The Bourne Identity

The trilogy starts with The Bourne Identity, produced in 2002 based on Robert Ludlum’s novel from 1980. The movie is about Jason Bourne who is a deep cover CIA operative trying to discover his true identity, while suffering from amnesia. It turns out that he is part of the Treadstone project, which is a clandestine project from within the CIA. Matt Damon offers an outstanding performance alongside actors such as Franka Potente, Brian Cox and Chris Cooper.

Bourne Trilogy

The movie starts with the found of an injured man in the Mediterranean Sea, he is severely injured when the Italian fishing crew assists him. A Zurich bank account number is embedded into his hip and after the discovery of numerous passports, guns and currencies in a deposit box the man learns he lives in Paris by the name Jason Bourne. From that moment forward he is tracked by CIA, leading to a few narrow escapes when attempts on his life is made. Bourne soon realises that the CIA will stop at nothing until he is eliminated.

The Bourne Supremacy

released in 2004 is the second of the trilogy and tell the story of Jason Bourne. The movie picks up two years after Bourne breaks his ties with the CIA and the Treadstone project. Now living in hiding with Marie in Goa, India. The CIA tries to discover who stole $20 million from them almost seven years ago and frame Bourne for the crime. He is hunted down by the Russian agent who attempts to kill him. Bourne umps to the conclusion that the CIA is again after him and acts on his promise that he would come after them, should they attempt to kill him. Bourne then learns that his real name is David Webb.

The Bourne Ultimatum

This is the third in the trilogy, released in 2007 directed by Paul Greengrass and still loosely based on the novel from Robert Ludlum. Matt Damon is now featured for the third time in the role of Jason Bourne. Again he is forced out of hiding and this time by a British reporter, researching the Operation Blackbriar, which is a more updated version of the original Treadstone project. The reporter also focusses on the CIA assassin called Jason Bourne. This gets him to meet with the reporter and realize they are under surveillance by a group of CIA agents and the assassin Paz. The reporter Noah Vosen is played by Jason Strathairn. Bourne manages to escape this attempt on his life, but the reporter is not as lucky.

The Bourne Trilogy Awards includes Academy Award for Best Sound Editing, People’s Choice Award for favourite Action, Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing and many more. Matt Damon was nominated from Best Actor in the Saturn Awards and went on to win the Empire Award for Best Actor.

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