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Obama’s Origin Film Premiering

President Barack Obama has now entered his last year in the white house, this might be a bitter sweet feeling for the aging president as over the years he’s aged two decades and experienced harsh realities, yet it’s a job he’s loved & surely will miss. One film, which is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival aims to tell the story of Barack Obama’s and Michelle Obama’s first date in Southside Chicago.

President Barack Obama

Their date only transpired due to Barack Obama asking persistently for Michelle Robinson to join him on an afternoon for a walk. Eventually this occurred and over the years to come, their relationship would become one that many knew of. It’s suspected that filmmakers for generations shall document about this world’s most famous president in decades.

Obama isn’t expected to go to the Toronto Sundance Film Festival, the reasoning being is that no President has ever done so and in his last year he’s working double the time he once did in order to leave the country in a far better way than he left it. This’ll take a lot of doing and with new players in the game such as Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton & Jeb Bush, it seems that all of his efforts could be put to shame in a manner of months if one of these three candidates are elected.

This film though could become one of the big sellers of 2016, most films that receive the highest awards at the Sundance Film Festival go on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. They also become entitled to a directing career.

Standalone Star Wars Films Tackling Multiple Genres

In 2012, Disney purchased LucasFilm and since that point, they’ve been working towards creating new entry films into the Star Wars Universe. The first to do so is “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which hall be a part of the new trilogy. The second installment in the series is going to be called “Rogue One” wand is only a mere year away from release. Due to the incredible revenue generated from the first installment, it is a safe bet the franchise will prove to be a profitable venture for Diney.

disney pictures

Rogue One takes place as a prequel to “A New Hope” which was the original Star Wars film. There is also a 2018 Standalone film that takes place around a young Han Solo. Though much about these precursor films are secret right now. Rogue One will act as more of a rough, gritty, war film while the young Han Solo film will act as a suave, explorer or adventurer styled films. It’ll be reminiscent of a space Indiana Jones.

Though both of these standalone films are going to be prequels to previous entry in the series. Disney’s Kathleen Kennedy has stated many of times that this won’t be the case forever, that future additions after the Han Solo films will be new & entirely unique on their own.

This shall only allow for new viewers to be drawn into the Star Wars Universe which in return means more money for Disney. Disney currently owns rights to Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. Their also looking to purchase out Hasbro. It seems that this company which originated from a black and white talking mouse is looking to become the largest developer of movies in history.

Gambit Finds It’s Movie Director

Gambit is an upcoming comic book film adaptation being released by Fox Studios. Apparently this film has finally found its director after a number of potential names backing out of the project. Edge of Tomorrow director is in final talks to take helm over this project. This could prove to be the proper choice as the filming style & nature of Edge of Tomorrow allowed it to become one of the most popular films of 2014.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of the most viable sources for film news has openly revealed that Doug Liman, the director behind Edge of Tomorrow has already had several meetings with Fox Studios. It was early on in October when we heard that Doug Liman would a potential choice to take on this film but Rupert Wyatt as well as a number of others were also slated to take on this film. Luckily though neither Wyatt, Shane Black, Jack Cornish nor F. Gary were chosen to take on this film and instead it seems that Mr. Liman will.

Gambit is going to star Channing Tatum, he will be reprising his role as the character from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, this film could be the first super hero which sees an X-Men character reach its own level of popularity other than Wolverine. Every other addition in this franchise consisted of a group of characters. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Channing Tatum’s Gambit and Ryan Reynolds Deadpool are the only three characters to get solo films. Unfortunately neither Gambit nor Deadpool have yet to be released, their level of popularity it still in the air.

Star Wars the Force Awakens Releases Final Trailer

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the upcoming entry in the series that is slated to be released this Christmas season. This new film has been hyped up ever since Disney purchased LucasFilms a number of years ago. Fans have been patiently awaiting a new entry into the series and to hype this film up once again Disney has released a final trailer for the film before its release date.

Star Wars the Force Awakens

This final entry for this films trailers is by far the best one yet. The trailer feels like classic star wars, the practical effects are evident from the moment your eyes set on the stormtroops blasting off against the rebels. One of the two most notable moments in this trailer is when the Millennium Falcon goes up against one of the new TIE-Fighters, dodging its lasers throughout the destruction created from the Battle of Jakku.

The second & by far more notable moment in the film is when Han Solo is comforting Princess Leia. This is the first time that fans have ever seen the two paired with one another for decades. It’s a shot that lasts for only a few seconds but has already been widely screenshotted throughout the world & reposted on various social media platforms. This film is surely set to be the most popular film of this year if not the most popular film of the decade.

Those wishing to see Star Wars: The Force Awakes can go to their local movie theatre on December 18th, 2015.

Vin Diesel Halts Furious 8 Production

Vin Diesel, one of the biggest action Hollywood stars right now is apparently halting the Furious 8 Production. This is apparently because of potential directorial issues relating to Wan & Diesel, though it might not be as you think.

Vin Diesel

Furious 7 now is shown as one of the largest grossing films in history, the 5th standing factually. Unfortunately directing this film put major restraints on Wans health due to the mass amount of traveling, editing, CGI and more revolved around making a film as large as this one. When Paul Walker passed on it only added to the stress of his job. Apparently Universal Studio’s offered him a ridiculous life-altering amount of money to direct one more installment of the film. Unfortunately for Universal it seems that Mr. Wan isn’t willing to take the money if it means his health getting worse & potentially dying.

This has resulted in Vin Diesel wanting to take on the helm of the next installment, these being the wishes of Paul Walker in the first place. Unfortunately it seems that Universal continually wants Wan for one more installment. This has created a series of rumors stating that Mr. Diesel might pull out of the eighth installment of this franchise. Doing so would be a crusher that would make this films profit drop by a drastic amount. It seems that Universal Studio’s is now stuck in a rock & a hard place with Vin Diesel being their only way out without causing some major issues for themselves.

Fantastic Four Fails!

The Fantastic Four is the first superhero team to ever exist in the Marvel Universe, unfortunately the reboot for the movie franchise of this comic book has unfortunately flopped. This film has been a box office disaster that is costing fox more than $60 Million. This is due to the fact that still this film has only earned $28.7 Million.

Fantastic Four

This is an unfortunate event for fans of the Marvel Universe, the reason for this is because the first two films that were made years ago. Fans of the comic book were awaiting for a dark, gritty, immersive world that could be connected alongside so many of the other fox franchises such as X-Men and Deadpool. None the less this doesn’t mean that Fox is ready to give up, if the past is any indication of their efforts then it should noted that a second film in this franchise will be released. The direction of this second film has already been stated to go in another way so that they can bring in core viewers as well as the average audience.

It also doesn’t help that this film is competing in a world where one or more comic book movies are released with a monthly basis. It seems that the public is already growing tired of the mass amount of comic book themed movies are being released into theatres. None the less they’ll still be coming as the various comic book franchises are planned until 2020. DVD – BluRay sales could say the Fantastic Four reboot though.

Adam Sandler Losing His Stard Power

Adam Sandler, once one of the most famed comedians worldwide seems to be losing his stardom after a series of blockbuster office flops. Mr. Sandler’s latest film is Pixels & it’s obvious that this film was meant to bring him back on top. Unfortunately the exact opposite happened as on its opening weekend it only earned $24 Million, which is a poor showing considering the movie cost in excess of $80 million to produce.

Adam Sandler

The Cobbler, a film few has heard of from Sandler only opened at $24,000 years ago before he became a blockbuster success. Unfortunately in recent years films such as “That’s My Boy” and “Jack and Jill” have earned record lows for the actor but Pixels set a new low unlike any he has had in decades. There are a number of reasons why Adam Sandler is no longer the kingpin of funny. It’s mainly due to the fact that every role he plays in is essentially the same in terms of his comedy. His material dates back to his time on Saturday Night Live and as his audience continues to age he does not. This proves to be an issue.

Movie reviews around the globe believe that it’s time for Adam Sandler to step down from comedy and focus on dramatic acting. The film “Reign over Me” which stars Adam, Don Cheadle and Jada Pinkett Smith is truly a heart wrenching film that puts viewers on the edge of their seats. As his audience grows Sandler doing more films such as this one could allow for his acting career to remain alive for decades to come.

Netflix’s Daredevil Takes Over by Storm

Marvel, a company which is beloved by billions around the world is currently owned by Disney. Disney purchased out Marvel for $4 Billion and in return they gained all movie rights, all comic book rights, merchandise rights and so on. This deal has already panned through for Disney with the earnings from all the movies & various other products sold.


On the television side of things Marvel hasn’t been able to do as well as Detective Comics (DC). Fortunately for Disney, Netflix picked up the character of “Daredevil” for a Netflix original series & its results in utter fame. It’s now one of the most popular Netflix shows ever released, beating out the likes of Sense 8 and Bloodline. Due to the mass success of this television program on Netflix there are going to be dozens of new characters introduced into the series. One of the most recent revealed is “The Punisher”, being played by Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead (Shane Walsh). There are other characters being introduced include Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. The other characters to be introduced haven’t been revealed as of right now. No information about these future shows have been announced either.

Each of these characters will also be getting their own television series from now to 2019. That is most likely the reason as to why they’ve been announced and as to why no one else has been announced. We shall keep you up to date on any new information revealed regarding the Daredevil Netflix television series.

Superhero Movies Failing to Meet the Grade ?

As of late there have been many movie reviews or online websites stating that superhero movies have run their course in Hollywood. Deadline, Variety and many others have begun to express that they believe these movies are over-crowding Hollywood and taking away from potential other amazing films that could be made.


These opinions are irrelevant though as the latest Marvel movie to be released “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was able to reach $1 Billion worldwide in less than a week. Each new superhero themed film released by Marvel continues to surpass the previous amount their last film earned, showing that these movies aren’t becoming less popular but are instead only gaining a larger fan base. The next film slated to be released by Marvel is “Ant-Man” which will surely reach the $1 Billion mark just as its sister summer movie “Age of Ultron” did.

This doesn’t meant there won’t come a day when superhero movies will have run their course. That day is not today as massive stars such as Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and many others have stated that they would be willing to play a superhero if the part was right for them. What they mean by that is that if Marvel or DC is willing to pay them $50-$75 Million just as Robert Downey Jr makes then they would play a superhero role.

The next few years of Marvel films consists of Ant-Man, Captain America Winter Solider, Thor Ragnorak, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1 and Part 2.