Oscar Winning Assassination Movies

The Academy Awards or Oscars, the official title was rebranded as the Oscars in 2013 changed from the Academy Awards, is an annual American awards ceremony to honour cinematic achievements in the film industry. The awards ceremony took place the first time in 1929 in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and was televised for the first time on television in 1953, live to over 200 countries.

Godfather triology

The Oscar is gold plated and is 13.5 in tall, weighing 8.5 lb. depicting a knight rendered in style of Art Deco holding a crusaders sword and stands on a film reel with 5 spokes that represents the academy branches of technicians, writers, producers, actors and directors.

The Godfather Trilogy

Focussing on assassination movies that have been honoured with an Oscar, The Godfather trilogy immediate jumps to mind. Starting with the first of the trilogy, The Godfather released in 1972 from director Francis Ford Coppola with screenplay written by Mario Puzo and Frances Ford Coppola. The main actors includes Al Pachino, James Caan and Marlon Brando. The movie that firstly impresses the audience with the Corleone mobster family storyline also impressed the critics and takes home a series of Oscars that includes Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role – Marlon Brando, Best Screenplay and writing based on Material from adapted Medium – Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola. Nominations includes, James Caan, recieving Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Robert Duvall awarded with the Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Al Pachino and Best Director – Francis Ford Coppola.

The Godfather, Part II, release in 1974 focussing on the early career of the original boss Vito Corleone featuring New York in the 1920’s, continues to impress the audience. The director is as in the first movie Francis Ford Coppola and the screen play again is written by the Coppola and Puzo team. The star-studded cast includes outstanding performances from Robert Duvall, Robert de Niro and Al Pachino. The movie reaps in Oscar wins for Best Picture –Gray Frederickson, Francis Ford Coppola and Fred Roos, Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Robert de Niro, Best Director – Francis Ford Coppola, Best Screenplay and Writing adapted from Other Material – Mario Puzo and Francis F Coppola, Best Art Direction – Set Decoration – Dean Tayoularis, Angelo P Graham and George R Nelson. Godfather III released in 1990 was nominated with a long string of awards but fails to win any Oscars.


Based a true story about the black September aftermath and the 5 men chosen to eliminate the responsible ones was directed by Steven Spielberg. The movie was nominated for 4 Oscars, which included Picture of the Year, Best Achievement in Directing, Best Writing and best achievement in Film Editing did not win in any of the nominated categories.


Director Oliver Stone’s JFK, released in December 1991 brought him a Golden Globe Award, for the outstanding storyline. The movie focuses on the New Orleans DA who discovers more to the assassination of President Kennedy. The screen play was written by Oliver Stone and Zachary Sklar with fantastic acting from Kevin Costner, Jack Lemmon and Gary Oldman. At the 64th Academy Awards, JFK was nominated for eight Oscars and took two home for Film Editing. The film received wide spread artistic praise from moviegoers and the press.

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